Latest news on ocean acidification

Ocean risk highlighted in new IPCC Report 31 March 2014
New resource for scientists introducing ocean acidification to a wider audience 07 March 2014
Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) Science Review: Impacts of ocean acidification. Supported and contributed by UKOA scientists 06 March 2014
Ocean acidification impairs vermetid reef recruitment. Paper in Scientific Reports, a primary research publication from the publishers of Nature covering all areas of the natural sciences. Contribution by UKOA scientist Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 28 February 2014
Biogeosciences-Discuss Special Issue manuscript entitled "Field investigation of ocean acidification effects in northwest European seas", edited by UKOA scientists Prof. Eric Achterberg and Prof. Toby Tyrrell with Dr Jean-Pierre Gattuso, now available online 18 February 2014
Acid trap: Earth’s oceans are beginning to warm and turn acidic, endangering plankton and the entire marine food chain. Article in AEON magazine 18 February 2014
Meeting the eye-witnesses of ocean change: scientists team up with fishing industry, government agencies and tourism sector to model socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification 12 February 2014
Ocean acidification and warming in the Norwegian and Barents Seas: impacts on marine ecosystems and human uses. A report synthesizing the results from interviews and a workshop with stakeholders in Norway about the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on marine ecosystems and ecosystem services. 10 February 2014
Shallow Water Marine Sediment Bacterial Community Shifts Along a Natural CO2 Gradient in the Mediterranean Sea Off Vulcano, Italy. Paper published in Microbial Ecology involving UKOA scientist Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 04 February 2014
GEO-X Ministerial Summit (Geneva) image slideshow 18 January 2014
An interactive ocean aragonite saturation Story Map Tour from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) 14 January 2014
An interactive Ocean Acidification Story Map Tour from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) 14 January 2014
The Future of Earth Observation – GEO-X blog, featuring Dr Carol Turley 10 January 2014
Observing a global challenge 19 December 2013
World Bank's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on climate change 13 December 2013
Presentations now available from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties 19 (COP19). The ocean acidification event can be found on Monday 18th December 10 December 2013
1st meeting of the International Ocean Acidification Reference User Group 06 December 2013
Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership publishes latest Report Card 28 November 2013
UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme (UKOA) and Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) joint session webcasts now available. Session 1, Session 2 & Session 3 22 November 2013
COP19 special event webcast. Ocean Acidification: the other CO2 problem, with Dr Carol Turley 19 November 2013
The Other CO2 Problem: IAEA highlights ocean acidification at Climate Change Conference 18 November 2013
Acidification in ocean may be serious but not flesh scarring. Article in AM Costa Rica on the 3rd news page 18 November 2013
At sea with UKOA: Investigating the effects of rising ocean acidification. Articles by Helen Findlay, Laura Wicks, Frances Hopkins and Matthew P. Humphreys in Ocean Challenge, a Challenger Society publication 15 November 2013
World's oceans being hit by 'silent storm' of acidification, study finds. Article in Daily Life 15 November 2013
Oceans suffer silent storm of acidification. Article in Voice of America 14 November 2013
Ocean acidification summary for policymakers released, resulting from the Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World (Monterey, California) in September 2012 14 November 2013
20 Facts about Ocean Acidification: a summary of OA research and understanding 11 November 2013
Hot, sour and breathless" in Poland 11 November 2013
COP19 side event: Ocean acidification 14 October 2013
Working Group I Contribution to the International Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report. Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Full report 30 September 2013
Working Group I Contribution to the International Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report. Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Summary for Policymakers 27 September 2013
The Times explores a Sea Change in ocean chemistry. Editorial in the Seattle Times 13 September 2013
Sea Change: Ocean acidification, the lesser-known twin of climate change, threatens to scramble marine life on a scale almost too big to fathom. Article in the Seattle Times 11 September 2013
Tidal downwelling and implications for the carbon biogeochemistry of cold-water corals in relation to future ocean acidification and warming 28 August 2013
UKOA scientists compile themed journal issue on OA 26 August 2013
Ocean acidification papers among the most cited in Nature Climate Change 26 July 2013
The IAEA project “Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre” (OA-ICC) continues the ocean acidification news stream 23 July 2013
Microscopic marine creatures may lose teeth as ocean acidification kicks in 19 July 2013
Live webcast of the UKOA / GOA-ON joint session (from 13:30 on Wed 24th July 2013) 18 July 2013
Video from the National Research Council (US) that explains how scientists have arrived at the current state of knowledge about recent climate change and its causes 17 July 2013
Government Report Confirms ‘Unprecedented’ Ocean Acidification From Greenhouse Gases Threatens Canadian Atlantic Waters 03 July 2013
Get ready for ocean acidification. Article by Dr Sam Dupont and Dr Hans Pörtner (Nature, Vol 498, Page 429, doi:10.1038/498429a) 26 June 2013
Highlight report, coverage and images from the Fourteenth meeting of the UN Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea, including Drs Phil Williamson and Carol Turley 24 June 2013
UN General Assembly International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) side event with Dr Carol Turley 18 June 2013
UN General Assembly to explore impact of ocean acidification, including leading participation from Drs Phil Williamson and Carol Turley 15 June 2013
Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) panel ”Ocean Acidification in the future Arctic: From science to policy – tips for early career scientists”. Held during the International Arctic Ocean Acidification conference, 7 May 2013, Bergen, Norway 10 June 2013
Marine life on acid (American Institute of Biological Sciences, BioScience, Vol. 63, No. 5 (May 2013), pp. 322-328) 23 May 2013
Employment vacancy: Project Assistant for the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Center (OA-ICC). Short-term contract, closing 17th June 2013 22 May 2013
Coccolithophores thrive despite ocean acidification. Planet Earth Online article with contribution from Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 21 May 2013
3rd UKOA Annual Science Meeting: University of St Andrews (Scotland) 22-24 July 2013 16 May 2013
Arctic ocean acidification, the other CO2 problem. WWF blog post with contribution from Dr Carol Turley 07 May 2013
Arctic faces further threat from ocean acidification (Guardian) 07 May 2013
Arctic Ocean experiencing rapid acidification (Blue & Green Tomorrow) 07 May 2013
Ocean acidity levels ‘at their highest’ (Independent Online, South Africa) 07 May 2013
2013 MedSeA research cruise blog 06 May 2013
Global Warming is Attributing to Rapidly Acidify Arctic Ocean (French Tribune) 05 May 2013
Live streaming of the International Conference on Arctic Ocean Acidification (Bergen, Norway) 6 - 8 May 2013  03 May 2013
The Paul G. Allen Ocean Challenge: mitigating acidification impacts. Award of $10,000 for the most promising new science-based concept for mitigating environmental and/or societal impacts of ocean acidification. Submission Deadline: 31 July 2013 01 May 2013
TEDx: Ocean Acidification in Washington State. Presented by Shallin Busch, Research Ecologist, NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWSFC) 01 May 2013
Synthesis booklet for the 3rd UKOA Sea Surface consortium cruise, including images and blog posts, now available 29 April 2013
Ocean acidification and marine ecosystems have been identified as the number one speciality in Ecology and Environmental Sciences in the recent report “Research Fronts 2013: 100 top-ranked specialities in the sciences and social sciences” by Thompson Reuters 24 April 2013
A fantastic Ocean and Earth Day at the National Oceanography Centre 09 April 2013
Some microscopic marine organisms could adapt to climate change (Planet Earth article from UKOA scientists) 28 March 2013
The UKOA "Changing Oceans" expedition will feature on the BBC's One Show this evening from 7pm 26 March 2013
BIOACID KOSMOS 2013 experiment blog 22 March 2013
Useful new booklet from NERC about effectively turning science into policy 11 March 2013
Effective Practices for Communicating Ocean Acidification Workshop Summary. Convened by NOAA West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries 15 February 2013
Rising acid in oceans is worsening industry toxins (Planet Earth article from UKOA scientists) 12 February 2013
Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM) official release meeting on 19th March 2013 11 February 2013
Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) summary 08 February 2013
MedSeA Villefranche mesocosm experiment blog 06 February 2013
Climate change clues from tiny marine algae - ancient and modern 04 February 2013
Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT): Release of Version 2 and Science Highlights (Side event at the 9th International Carbon Dioxide Conference) 29 January 2013
Climate Centre highlights ocean acidification... and what can be done about it 17 January 2013
Selection of natural CO2 vent footage 16 January 2013
Useful information and resources on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Acidification Program website 15 January 2013
Effective practices from communicating OA workshop summary 14 January 2013
New study to investigate the impacts of ocean acidification in the Southern Ocean 07 January 2013
Cold corals in hot water? Planet Earth online article by UKOA scientist Dr Laura Wicks 19 December 2012
The perfect storm arriving at a shore near you. Article by Dr Carol Turley featured in COP18's OUTREACH magazine 06 December 2012
COP18: Strong action needed in Doha as world’s oceans reach tipping point 05 December 2012
COP18: We should be paying more attention to our oceans. Interview with Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary of UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 04 December 2012
Tipping the balance: CO2 and the Mediterranean Sea. An introduction to ocean acidification in the Mediterranean, why it matters and how you can help (produced by the MedSeA programme) 03 December 2012
Rise of acid ocean eats away base of food chain. Shells of tiny sea snails are being eroded as more carbon dioxide is dissolved into seawater 25 November 2012
First evidence of ocean acidification affecting live marine creatures in the Southern Ocean 25 November 2012
Ocean Under Stress document now available in Arabic 23 November 2012
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) workshop warns ocean acidification threatens seafood supply 22 November 2012
Ocean acidification - no enemy to anemones. Article from Planet Earth Winter 2012 featuring Dr David Suggett and Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 20 November 2012
Is a new multilateral environmental agreement on ocean acidification necessary? 19 November 2012
Training course launched to support LWEC's new Knowledge Exchange Guidelines 15 November 2012
Virtual tour: Google Earth dives into ocean acidification 01 November 2012
Video of press briefings at the Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (Monterey, California). Briefing #2 includes UKOA Consortia Project Leader Dr Steve Widdicombe 16 October 2012
UK participation in The Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (Monterey, California) 05 October 2012
New US ocean acidification research grants from the National Science Foundation 02 October 2012
Climate change takes a bite out of global food supply. Article from Nation of Change featuring Dr Carol Turley 30 September 2012
Hot, sour and breathless. Blog post on OA communication 27 September 2012
Ocean acidification: the knowledge base. Updating what we know about ocean acidification and key global challenges, produced by the International Coordination Office for Ocean Acidification 27 September 2012
International coordination centre for ocean acidification launched at major international symposium 27 September 2012
Natural labs help scientists study ocean acidification. Article from the International Geosphere-Bioshpere Programme website featuring Dr Steve Widdicombe 26 September 2012
CO2 emissions threaten ocean-based food security (Ocean-Based Food Security Threatened in a High CO2 World report, produced by Oceana with UKOA contributors) 24 September 2012
Updated ocean acidification frequently asked questions 24 September 2012
How will cold-water corals fare in a Changing Ocean? Article by Dr Laura Hicks about the Changing Oceans Expedition 17 September 2012
Corrosive Oceans: a short film on ocean acidification and warming from the EU ComEnvir project 06 August 2012
Post Rio+20 report by Dr Carol Turley 20 July 2012
UKOA poster 13 July 2012
Marine Climate Change in Australia, Impacts & Adaptation 2012 report card coming soon 12 July 2012
UKOA Annual Science Meeting 2012 12 July 2012
New website for eFOCE; a project looking at the development, validation and implementation of experimental systems that investigate the long-term effects of acidification in situ on benthic marine communities 10 July 2012
Genesis of global observing network for ocean acidification 06 July 2012
Prof. Sir Bob Watson, Prof. Kevin Noone and Dr Carol Turley interview with the Planet Under Pressure conference's Daily Planet news service(Edition 1) 29 June 2012
Global network will track acidifying oceans (Nature News) 29 June 2012
Two decades on and ocean recognition is rising 20 June 2012
Ocean acidification could negatively affect 50% of marine organisms by the end of the century (article by Oceans Inc) 20 June 2012
Climate change leaves oceans "hot, sour and breathless" (Video by Oceans Inc) 19 June 2012
Acid test for marine life. Op-Ed contribution by Prof. Sir John Beddington (Chief Scientific Advisor, UK Government) and Dr Jane Lubchenco (Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator, USA) to the New York Times 18 June 2012
Rio+20: Our oceans are “Hot, sour and breathless”. Dr Carol Turley talks to Pavilion TV about the latest guide to ocean stresses  being placed on the oceans, from warming waters, ocean acidification and deoxidisation 16 June 2012
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to launch centre on ocean acidification. 16 June 2012
A mesocosm experiment on ocean acidification in Corsica 04 June 2012
Oceans Day at RIO+20 01 June 2012
Arctic study of ocean acidification impacts 31 May 2012
Temperate and tropical brown macroalgae thrive, despite decalcification, along natural CO2 gradients (Global Change Biology) 24 May 2012
UKOA podcasts about the programme are now available 18 May 2012
Planet Under Pressure 2012 post conference round-up 15 May 2012
Size matters for ocean acidification effects 14 May 2012
Countdown to destruction for Scotland's corals? 14 May 2012
New study suggests ocean’s plankton under greater threat from acidification 09 May 2012
The Other Carbon Dioxide Problem animation, produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 04 May2012
Ocean acidification and the loss of phenolic substances in marine plants (PLoS ONE) 25 April 2012
Final report of the expert meeting to develop a series of joint expert review processes to monitor and assess the impacts of ocean acidification on marine and coastal biodiversity. Dr Steve Widdicombe co-chaired the expert meeting on OA for the Convention on Biological Diversity. 23 April 2012
Interview with Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer on Australia's Radio National: Ocean water adidifying as carbon dioxide increases 14 April 2012
Article on the health of the Mediterranean, published in Chemical and Engineering News 10 April 2012
State of Washington establishes ocean acidification panel 28 March 2012
Ocean acidification presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2012 25 March 2012
Celebrating Ocean and Earth Day at the National Oceanography Centre 23 March 2012
A glimpse into the future of the oceans through the bubbles of Mount Vesuvius 21 March 2012
Ocean acidification at the Planet under Pressure conference 20 March 2012
New dataset provides 40-year record of carbon dioxide accumulation in the surface ocean 16 March 2012
Open letter highlighting the importance of including ocean acidification in plans for future research and management 10 March 2012
Global Partnership for Oceans: a growing alliance of over 100 governments, international organizations, civil society groups and private sector interests that will exchange knowledge and financial resources to address threats to ocean health, resilience and productivity 01 March 2012
Ocean life under threat. Article from the BBC Learning English website including a recorded interview with Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 21 February 2012
Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer podcast on ocean acidification 21 February 2012
Frozen Oceans packs shortlisted for Education Resource Award 20 February 2012
'Jacuzzi vents' model CO2 future 19 February 2012
Ocean acidity gamble leaves marine life with uncertain future (Responding to Climate Change) 24 January 2012
Cod damaged by ocean acidification 12 December 2011
Economics of ocean acidification: Conclusions and recommendations report from the international workshop of the Monaco Environment and Economics Group 02 December 2011
The acid truth about our oceans: experts urge action to limit ocean acidification 29 November 2011
Triple Trouble: Ocean under stress 28 November 2011
Ocean acidification and life on the seafloor (Planet Earth Online) 21 November 2011
Marine Biologist world leader in research on the subject of ocean acidification visit the Universidad Austral de Chile 18 November 2011
NOAA Chief: The climate crisis the media is missing (Climate Watch) 21 October 2011
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Ocean Acidification Workshop report 18 October 2011
Ocean acidification and life on the seafloor (Planet Earth) 15 September 2011
A ‘time machine’ to study the future of our oceans 08 September 2011
UKOA opportunity for support of added-value activities 04 September 2011
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report key dates 04 August 2011
eFOCE: a new project looking at the impact of ocean acidification in situ (videos in English, French, Italian and Dutch) 03 August 2011
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall meeting announced for December 2011, including a session on "Ocean Acidification: past events, present conditions and future impacts". Abstract deadline 4th August 2011. 19 July 2011
The Third Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World, scheduled for 24 - 27 September 2012 in Monterey (California, USA). 08 July 2011
A steward for our oceans (Guardian article written by Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer) 21 June 2011
Explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists (Guardian). 12 June 2011
UKOA Coordinators, Dr Phil Williamson and Dr Carol Turley, give presentations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's 34th Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) workshop. Both presentations are available to view. 13 June 2011
First ocean acidification research cruise in European waters. 06 June 2011
Use of natural analogues in ocean acidification research training course. 17 May 2011
New film brings scientists, industry, policy makers and public together. 12 May 2011
National Geographic article on ocean acidification with Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer 05 April 2011
UK-US Collaboration Development Award programme on ocean acidification summary 04 April 2011
"Earth's acid test" Nature article 10 March 2011
Seventh EGU Alexander von Humboldt International Conference on Ocean acidification: consequences for marine ecosystems and society 09 March 2011
A resource for ocean acidification research: historical marine collections 19 January 2011
1st UKOA Annual Science Meeting 10 January 2011
PML scientist honoured with OBE 04 January 2011
Acidification may push over-stressed oceans into the red 08 December 2010
Dr Carol Turley talks to Climate Change TV at COP16 07 December 2010
UNEP report on ocean acidification launched at COP16 07 December 2010
UKOA joins COP16 talks in Mexico 29 November 2010
Briefing note in response to Times opinion article, published 4th November 2010 19 November 2010
Questions answered on ocean acidification 04 November 2010
Launch of the UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme 21 June 2010