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Below are a selection of short podcasts giving a brief introduction to the programme, an overview of the individual projects and the current UKOA cruises. The UKOA logo, presentation template and leaflet is also available for download below.

UKOA programme overview
Podcast by Dr Phil Williamson, Programme Science Co-ordinator & University of East Anglia

Project: How much variability is there in oceanic CO2 uptake and what are the trends for the future?
Podcast by Professor Andrew Watson, University of East Anglia

Project: What are the impacts of ocean acidification on key benthic (seabed) ecosystems, communities, habitats, species and their life cycles?
Podcast by Dr Stephen Widdicombe, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Project: How will ocean acidification affect the biology of surface ocean communities and biogeochemistry, and how that might feedback to climate?
Podcast by Dr Toby Tyrrell, National Oceanography Centre

Project: What were the effects of rapid ocean acidification events in the Earth’s past?
Podcast by Professor Paul Pearson, Cardiff University

Project: How will ocean acidification impact ecosystems and chemical cycling in UK and Arctic regional seas?
Podcast by Dr Jerry Blackford, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Overview of the UKOA research cruise: "Changing Oceans" (17th May - 13th June 2012)
Podcast by Dr Murray Roberts, Heriot-Watt University

Overview of UKOA research cruise: Cruise 2 Arctic (10th July – 18th August 2012 TBC)
Podcast by Dr Ray Leakey, Scottish Association for Marine Science


UKOA logo 


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UKOA leaflet

UKOA leaflet


UKOA leaflet


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UKOA Powerpoint presentation template


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