The UKOA programme was active between 2010-2016, with supported research completed in mid-2015 and knowledge exchange work in early 2016.
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UKOA Annual Science Meeting 2013 (University of St Andrews)

8th August 2013

The 2013 UKOA Annual Science Meeting (ASM) was once again well attended and provided a dynamic and supportive forum in which UKOA scientists and stakeholder could discuss the progress of UKOA science, wider issues relating to OA and future direction of research effort and other activities.

This year's ASM also included a webcast of the joint UKOA / GOA-ON session, which will be available for download soon.

Each consortia gave presentations about how their work has progressed over the last year and emerging preliminary results. Most of the presentations from the meeting are available below, in order of the meeting programme. If you are interested in a presentation that is not linked on this page then please contact


Monday 22nd July 2013

Welcome (David Paterson, University of St Andrews)


Long-term perspective 1 (Chair: Caron Montgomery, Defra)

Modelling carbonate chemistry and future OA impacts in regional seas:

Global modelling of OA processes and their biogeochemical impacts:

Long-term perspective 2 (Chair: Paul Halloran)

Not-that-abrupt past changes in ocean carbonate chemistry – and their biological consequences:

Poster presentations


Tuesday 23rd July 2013

OA impacts in the upper ocean (Chair: Ulf Riebesell)

Activities, outputs and outcomes from the UKOA sea surface consortium:

Poster presentations

OA impacts on benthic ecosystems (Chair: Angela Hatton)

Outputs and outcomes from the UKOA benthic consortium:

Summary report on workshop on OA impacts on macroalgae, seagrasses and microphyto-benthos (Chris Williamson)

Knowledge Exchange, programme synthesis and forward look (Chair: Mike Webb)


Wednesday 24th July 2013

OA impacts on commercial species (Chair: John Raven)

Outputs and outcomes from the UKOA consortium on commercial species and socio-economic impacts:

OA observations and synthesis Chair: Libby Jewett

OA observations and analyses for UK waters and the North Atlantic, and their contributions to global synthesis studies: 